Skill Checks

Skill and Difficulty

A skill check is called for when a character is taking a risk, hoping for a favorable result, and betting that the circumstances and their individual skill are enough to achieve success. The percentage chance of success may be modified by many circumstances. This modifier is usually expressed as the Difficulty Class of the check.

ModifierDifficulty Class
add 40% to chanceEasy
add 20% to chanceModerate
no adjustment 0%Hard
subtract 20% from chanceHeroic
subtract 40% from chanceParagon
subtract 80% from chanceEpic

It’s important for the player to be able to make rough judgements about difficulty class as part of their decision whether or not to have their character attempt a certain action. Some examples of actions, their related skills, and approximate difficulty class, are listed below:

Combat Skills

Athletics {STR+CON} — Armor Check Penalty

Difficulty ClassAction
ModerateClimb a rope, or Jump (5’ horiz / 2’ vert)
HardClimb a cave wall, or Jump (10’ horiz / 3’ vert)
HeroicClimb a brick wall, or Jump (15’ horiz / 4’ vert)
ParagonClimb a rain-slicked brick wall, or Jump (25’ horiz / 5’ vert)
EpicClimb a storm-lashed mountain, or Jump (30’ horiz / 6’ vert)

Endurance {CONx2}

Difficulty ClassAction
ModerateSurvive without water for a day, or air for a minute
HardSurvive without water for 2 days, or air for 2 minutes, or Resist disease exposure
HeroicSurvive without water for 3 days, or air for 3 minutes, or Resist disease infection
ParagonSurvive a week on a storm-lashed mountain, or Resist disease progression
EpicSurvive a month lost at sea

Lore Skills

History {INTx2}

Difficulty ClassAction
ModerateRecall a specialized procedure or recipe
HardWrite a detailed letter to an individual or group in authority
HeroicNegotiate an agreement with a foreign dignitary
ParagonComprehend a magical formula or coded message
EpicCompose an epic poem, such as the Odyssey

Nature {INTx2}

Difficulty ClassAction
ModerateForage a day’s food for yourself
HardCalm a natural beast, or Build a simple shelter
HeroicForage a day’s food for an adventuring party, or Train a natural beast
ParagonRecall a useful property of a plant, or Discern properties of the local terrain
EpicPredict weather, or Discern recent events in the wilderness

Agility Skills

Acrobatics {STR+DEX} — Armor Check Penalty

Difficulty ClassAction
ModerateDrop 10’ and land standing
HardBalance on an unstable or narrow (less than 1’ wide) surface
HeroicBalance on a tightrope (less than 2" wide)
ParagonLeap over a creature of the same size, or Escape from mechanical restraints
EpicPerform acrobatic maneuvers in severe environmental conditions, or while taking damage

Perception {INTx2}

Difficulty ClassAction
ModerateSee footprints in soft ground, or Hear nearby conversation
HardSee a well-obscured creature, or Hear whispered conversation
HeroicSee footprints after rain or snow, or Hear conversation through a door
ParagonSee a well-obscured small object or a creature 200’ away, or Hear conversation through a wall
EpicSee a magically-obscured creature, or Hear a motionless creature 100’ away

Skill Checks

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