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Seat of the empire that rules the Archipelago

In “an age undreamed of” the kings and mariners of Atlantis fled the destruction of their utopian isle and braved nature’s wrath to found a new Atlantis, a place they called “Dominium”. The archipelago that they usurped had fallen victim to such inter-planar predations before. Centuries before the Atlanteans came, elves, dwarves, and orcs had arrived in various waves as refugees from their own shattered realms, and laid claim to portions of the archipelago at the expense of the native populations.

The Atlanteans conquest was the most complete. Their magically-powered technologies were the most advanced. And despite the losses they endured in their flight, they remained a formidable foe.

Their capitol they established at Dominium City, a cyclopean labyrinth of walls and towers that quickly grew to cover over 100 square miles of the island’s surface. Two larger islands, Occidentus in the west, and Orientis in the east, were rapidly settled, as well as many smaller islands at the heart of the archipelago. From here, the Atlanteans expanded their new Dominium to touch on all the islands within 500 miles of the city.

Dominium City
Dominium Occidentus
Dominium Orientis

The Dominium

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