Primary hamlet in Kajaan. Population around 200. Home to farmers, orchard-workers, and fisherfolk. This settlement is located on the north bank of the river Eunoë (ewe-no-ay) — “good memories” in the old speech of the elves. It is about seven miles from Kajaani Castle, the seat of the ruling King of Kajaan. The Forest of Fomar is to the north of the hamlet.


Olwyn — Mayor of Rauma
Sergeant Pelleus, a.k.a. Pell — Leader of the town militia
Malko Hammerhand — Blacksmith of Rauma
Constable Skirge — Professional guardsman
Constable Sitrik — Professional guardsman
S’Kell, a.k.a. Skelly — Innkeeper, The Highwater Inn
Brede — Priestess of Jovas
Par — Acolyte of Jovas, companion of Brede
Starling — Acolyte of Jovas, , companion of Brede
Wixarika (wicks-ah-reeka) — Leader of the Rangers of Kajaan
Hawthorn — Ranger of Kajaan, companion of Wixarika
Mielikki (mee-ah-leaky) — Ranger of Kajaan, companion of Wixarika
Drake the Drunkard — Commoner
Aramis the Bard — Local musician
Grug (groog) — Commoner
Idho (ee-tho) — Commoner
Caerthan — Carpenter
Davin — Leatherworker
Nick — Boatwright
Rana — Ropemaker/Netmaker
Melusine (mel-you-sign) — Alchemist
Hern — Tanner/Furrier
Turner — Potter
Mathonwy — Merchant


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