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The heart of the empire

The capitol of the archipelago, Dominium City is a cyclopean labyrinth of walls and towers that covers hundreds of square miles of the island’s surface. The city is vast, so the quarters—and the neighborhoods they contain—are really like small, independent countries. Many people easily live out their lives in either the Citadel, the Vale, the Manors, or Terminus without ever setting foot in one of the other quarters.

  • Government: Autocracy (Dominex/Emperor, Heart of Atlantis/Council of Nobles)
  • Population: 1,000,000 (metropolis)
  • Exports: Arms & armor, cloth, furnishings, metalwork, refined metals, ceramics, ale & wine, leather goods, and all other sorts of finished goods
  • Languages: Domini (Common), a’Tolari (from which Domini is derived), Veröldi (dialect of Laman, spoken by Goliaths, Humans, and Halflings native to the Archipelago), Baeyagar (Goblin), Álfari (Elvish), Draekhosian (Draconic/Dragonborn), Turathi (dialect of Primordial/Tieflings), Vistani (dialect of Draconic/Vistani)


The Citadel
The Manors
The Vale

Dominium City

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