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From the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, p145

You have served the community where you grew up, standing as its first line of defense against crime. You aren’t a soldier, directing your gaze outward at possible enemies. Instead, your service to your hometown was to help police its populace, protecting the citizenry from lawbreakers and malefactors of every stripe.

You might have been part of the City Watch of one of the quarters of Dominium City, protecting the common folk from the thieves guilds and scheming nobility alike. Or you might have been one of the valiant defenders of Tolar, a member of the Marshals or even one of the magic-wielding agents of the Fraternità del Azzurro. Perhaps you hail from Port Lyric and have served as one of its Harpers, the undercover branch of guards who vow to keep safe the City of Songs. Or, were you one of the Kerketon, the Tiefling gatekeepers of Isbiliyyah in Almuria?

Even if you’re not city-born or city-bred, this background can describe your early years as a member of law enforcement. Most settlements of any size have their own constables and police forces, and even smaller communities have sheriffs and bailiffs who stand ready to protect their community.

Variant: Investigator

Rarer than watch or patrol members are a community’s investigators, who are responsible for solving crimes after the fact. Though such folk are seldom found in rural areas, nearly every settlement of decent size has at least one or two watch members who have the skill to investigate crime scenes and track down criminals.

City Watch

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