Tikkin Lohara

Grief-stricken dwarven knight on a quest for revenge


Adult male dwarf, black hair with a full beard. His eyes are an eerie icy blue. He wears practical clothing over ill-fitting scale mail, with a warhammer hanging from his belt. He is accompanied by a trio of kobold retainers.



Tikkin Lohara is a Voltain mountain dwarf, an ashva of the Stormscale Forge. The middle brother of a magically gifted family, Tikkin himself displayed no particular aptitude for magic. Instead, he ranged the borders of the mountain kingdom, occasionally coming into contact with orcish patrols from Kesk, with whom he often shared jests and insults directed at their common foes, the elves. Tikkin married Kaluma, a lady of the Soulscale Forge, who bore him a son and a daughter.

Recently he returned home to find his wife and son (Leto) murdered, and his young daughter (Adityana, or Adi) missing. Enraged, he set out with his three kobold retainers to find those responsible, abandoning all other duties. Torn between grief over his family, rage toward the Dominium and its agents, and loyalty to his people, Tikkin won’t stop until vengeance is served.


Tikkin Lohara

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