Wrapped in strips of cloth her eyes fluctuate color with her mood


Height: 5’5"
Weight: 145 lbs

Carries a Spear and wears leather armor.
Her skin is not exposed because she covers herself in cloth and masks.



Stirn was born a top a mountain peak with a flurry of three dragons flying overhead. She was born with the body of an adult human woman. For a time she was confused and convoluted. The spirits in her raged for control for moon after moon until ravaged by hunger, isolation, and rough survival she came to find herself settled upon a rock outcropping clothed in animal hides. He hands resting on the handle of a spear with an obsidian tip laid across here legs.

She only remembered bits and pieces of that early existence. She recalls some images of dragons nursing her and teaching her to hunt so that she may remain alive. It was unclear if these dragons existed only in her mind or if they are real. She cannot recall well enough to have more than substantial doubt that the memories are real.

Stirn is not really human. Well to say she has the body of a human but she has more than one spirit. The nature of Stirn’s “birth” is yet unknown to her or any she has met. But it is clear that two of the spirits that reside in were perhaps in previous lives warlike in nature. They are scheming and sometimes abbusive in getting what they want. A third spirit of peace and tranquility is also part of Stirns existence and brings forth a softer side to the woman.

NOTE: Stirn is not “inhabited” or otherwise hosting these spirits. These three are her natural spiritual self. However, Stirn can appear to have separate personalities depending upon which of the three aspects she is currently manifesting.

The first of the three seems to dominate Stirns physical body. Galdrin is the name he goes by when Stirn manifests his personality. Galdrin is filled with rage. Galdrin is a slayer and has always been a slayer. He thrives on such. The aspect of Galdrin has changed Stirn’s skin over time. Her skin is covered with scars and dark patches that look burnt. This makes her natural body one that is hard to look upon. Leading her to wrap cloth around herself as a mummy is wrapped. When Stirn manifests Galdrin her eyes turn black.

The second of the spirits dominates Stirn’s mind. Illuma believes she is the powerful wife of an ancient sorcerer king. Illuma wants power and she wants to control and dominate those around her. Illuma is cunning and sneaky. She can harness the world through the force of her will. When Illuma manifests Stirns Eyes turn solid white.

The third kindly spirit dominates Stirn’s Chakra network. When Stirn manifests this part of her spirit she calls herself Plaitiana. Plaitiana’s knows how to talk to Dryads. She has a mastery of the woods and all that live there. Likely this part of Stirn’s spirit was a dryad or other pure nature spirit in a former life. When Stirn manifests Plaitiana her eyes turn a soft green.

The constant switching of personalities that is Stirn’s reality leads people to believe she is insane. However, insane she may be she is functional in the world and has earned no small reputation as a Guard and Protector.

Whatever the truth of Stirn’s existance before awaking on the mountain. She then wandered the wilderness for a time. Killing what she needed to survive and grow.

Soon she became aware of humanity near by. She wandered in among the people her body covered in animal skins and hiding her apparently damaged skin. She was forced to fight with some humans in defense against their attacks or abuse. This led her to be hunted and so she fled the mountains.

After a time she arrived in Dominion City. Seeking out her destiny she arrived at a temple where she sought comfort and understanding. But here like all other places she would find no solace.

So she turned to hiring herself out. Her body and mind were very capable of keeping her safe. Mercenaries were happy to have her along mostly because she kept to herself and when needed could use her spear and had strong psionic powers to deliver some hard punishment to brigands and monster’s alike. And she knows how to use a spear.

And so it was for a year or more that she worked as a merc. While she suffered a few minor episodes of identity crisis they were short lived. Also, because of the heavy drinking the merc’s often engaged in they were hardly noticed.

Then one day she and three of her fellow mercs crawled into town with a single wagon. A caravan they had been guarding had been attacked. What happened is unknown. The wagon was loaded with bodies. Seven bodies of fellow mercs in all. All but three of which were dead. The dead were in various conditions. Some were killed by obvious cuts, others appeared half eaten, and still others showed no sign of the cause of their death.

Stirn stumbled into town with the wagon in tow. Only she wasn’t physically connected to the wagon. She was dragging it with her mind. The wagon and its terrible cargo rolling along behind her as a silent behemith witness to her apparent misery.

Of the three fellows that came back with Stirn, Elden, Rhion, and Youn only Rhion is still alive today. Elden drank himself to death and Youn hung himself. Rhion suffers from the shakes and is prone to drink to much to keep down the night mares.

This was all two years ago.

Stirn now is back to work with local mercenary groups who mostly only travel on short runs. Signs of her injuries are covered with her body wraps and armor. The only part of her visible most of the time is her eyes.

She still visit’s a temple from time to time and stays over night once in a while, but mostly she stays in local inns. She carries her spear but otherwise is mostly unarmed.

She knows many people in the town but only a few well enough to greet by name. She pays Rhion’s bills but never talks to him.

For now she seems very focused on maintaining what would be a normal life. Her exploits are short and she returns quickly. There is something about her though that seems to be unspoken and you can tell her soul is not content with this life style. It seems to be that she is awaiting something.


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