The Great Gold Wyrm


Gatekeeper of the Abyss
Sálmælikvarða [Soulscale] (the Great Gold Wyrm) is the world’s protector and the inspiration for holy orders of paladins and independent heroes. Although the Gold Wyrm’s physical form seals the gap that prevents the Abyss from erupting into the world, its dreams and the agents it employs still move through the world, helping those who will fight and even die for what’s right.

“The fear is not real, Dil Bahadur; it is only in your mind, like all other things. Our thoughts form what we believe to be reality.” ― Isabel Allende, Kingdom of the Golden Dragon

Usual Location
The Middle Kingdoms > Voltai > Soulscale Forge

Common Knowledge
The best and bravest hear the Great Gold Wyrm’s call or receive his visions. They enter into his service as an elite champion, usually but not always as a member of the Golden Order.

Adventurers & the Icon
Various orders of paladins and clerics draw inspiration and power from the Great Gold Wyrm, as do mystically chosen individual heroes. In turn, these orders have been known to hire adventuring bands for special purposes.

The Golden Order and the Great Gold Wyrm are closely tied to Soulscale Forge and Divikar (the Dwarf King). Ertai di Tolari (the Archmage) recognized the threat posed by the method of the Dominium’s invasion, and has resolved to aid the Great Gold Wyrm in the preservation of the Archipelago.

Erek Hus (the Lich King) is the demon lord of the undead, a denizen of the Abyss determined to conquer the Middle World. Csenge of Netheril (the Diabolist) claims that the demons she summons from the Abyss would, left to their own devices, overwhelm the Great Gold Wyrm.

During the Dawn War Eilífr, a dragon god of Lamannia in the Astral Sea, was killed by a demon lord of Dolurrh in the the Abyss known as Erek Hus. With a rough-hewn axe of adamantine, Erek Hus split Eilífr from head to tail, cleaving the dragon god into two equal halves. Not long after Eilífr’s sundered corpse fell into the sea, each half rose up as a dragon: Sálmælikvarða [Soulscale] (the Great Gold Wyrm) from the right and Thátturóreiðu [Urishtar] (the Nightwyrm) from the left. Drops of Eilífr’s blood, spread far and wide across the Middle World, rose up as dragonborn.

The True Danger
Everything will be all right unless the Great Gold Wyrm finally loses his battle and the Abyss opens to swallow the world.


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