half-orc war prisoner turned gladiator turned street urchin


Oqa’a was 9 when his entire orc tribe was overwhelmed by a party of extraordinarily powerful adventurers. The band’s Drow wizard apparently held them in little regard, mocking them even as he decimated them with blue-hot fireballs. “Now you may want to duck,” he said in Elvish, “because this one is going to be a doozy!” To his mild surprise, Oqa’a did.

After the one-sided “battle”, the wizard spotted Oqa’a making a run for cover, and drew him back with an invisible hand of force. The wizard examined his half-human features, and decided to keep him as a curiosity, soon finding use for him as a laboring slave and as a gladiator, pit fighting for the wizard’s amusement and gambling profits.

The wizard was especially amused by Oqa’a’s interest in books and fireside discussions thereof, soon giving him the nickname “Sophocles” in mocking reference to his relative intelligence for an orc.

The wizard brought “Sophocles” to Sanctuary to fight in an exclusive, high-stakes gladitorial competition, but the entire competition turned out to be a ruse by the wizard’s enemies to lure him into a magical trap. their plan worked so flawlessly that before anyone had so much as raised a voice, the wizard’s entire being had been whisked into a large, flawless emerald, and slipped into a pocket as the conspirators exited the building, whistling.

Sophocles waited a few minutes before climbing out of the pit into the empty room, another few minutes before picking up his things, and another half hour before stepping out, blinking in the sunlight, into a bustling street.


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