Ophandre "Opie" Booshin

Shifty-looking halfling rogue



A small, dark-haired figure with a confident expression, bearing a warm, comforting smile (just the tiniest bit short of disconcertingly so) regards you. A small part of you can’t help but think he is sizing up your purse and calculating ways to relieve you of its burdens.


Ophandre’s father, Brandloc Booshin, worked as a clerk for a shipping company in Terminus, so life was comfortable enough, or as comfortable as a shack on Dockside could get. Brandloc died however, when Opie was only 12, so his childhood ended rapidly as he went to ‘work’ to support his family; Mother, Maisum, and two sisters Liara and Liala, who still live in the same Dockside shack Opie was born in. They do what they can to support themselves but rely heavily on Opie’s various ‘jobs’ about which they know very little, quite by Opie’s design.

After a few years, Opie had been getting tired of just ‘getting by’. He began going after bigger targets. One of his contacts introduced him to Weshi Seirbu, a Tiefling dealer and collector of arcane goods who commissioned a job against house Aerides.

In their vaults he discovered not only the amulet the buyer requested but a thin gossamer veil he discovered (quite fortuitously on his escape) can render the wearer undetectable. (Unbeknownst to Opie, the Shroud of Lialdra was actually part of an experiment to gain access to the Shadowfell. His mind was not up to the task, so the only effect was to cloak himself in shadow, and other…unintended consequences, including unwanted attention from the denizens of that realm).

He envisioned this little trinket making his life easy, and it did until he pushed too far, gaining the notice of Weshi, who commissioned the Shades of Typhon to steal it and immediately left town. Once the blackbirds found out about the unsanctioned job certain elements within the guild moved to remove him. He still has friends among them, but more enemies now.

He used his saved gold to find a safer home for his family outside of town, and left in order to protect them, choosing adventuring as a way to support them and one day, hopefully to find Weshi, get revenge, and claim his prize.

Ophandre "Opie" Booshin

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