Nascha Elensar (Owl - Otus)

Elven Ranger from Cabal Island



Nascha Elensar – Early 100’s with brown hair and fair skin. Her most striking feature are her eyes that upon close inspection look owl like.

Otus – Tawny Owl


“The owl of Oghma spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.” — Mother Sulis, shaman of Finduilas

Some elves of the Finduilas, an isle of Cabal, are born with the ability to speak with animals. The day they are born, they are visited by one of the animal kingdom which marks those with this skill. The night Nascha Elensar was born, she was visited by what seemed to be hundreds of owls.

Now in her early years, her home is threatened to be swallowed by the faewild. Thinking she is the owl of the dusk who will fly, Mother Sulis sends Nacsha out to find a way to preserve the Isles.

Nascha Elensar (Owl - Otus)

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