Half-Elf Ranger, Mage Hunter, and Infiltration Specialist


A half-elf in his mid-20’s with dark hair, a pale complexion, and piercing green eyes. When traveling in human lands, he typically lets his beard grow in order to blend in. Customarily dressed in light leather armor and ranger gear and carrying an intricately carved bow. He fletches all his arrows with black and blue feathers, though he always carries a single arrow fletched in fiery red, almost as though saving it for a special occasion…


Kethryn and his twin sister Shariel were born among a tribe of wood elves in the wilderness of Kirtai. Their father was a human ranger who chanced to fall in love with an elven woman from the tribe. Kethryn’s early life was spent wandering the wilds of the central Middle Kingdoms, particularly Kirtai and western Kajaan. Like other children among the elves, Kethryn began learning to shoot a bow as soon as he was physically able to lift one, and his father began teaching him to track and hunt at a very young age. While Kethryn excelled at archery and hunting, his sister was highly gifted in magic and was considered something of a prodigy by the tribal elders.

By the time the twins were sixteen years old, however, Shariel’s magical talent had begun manifesting in strange ways. She started having nightmares, usually depicting furious battles between phoenixes, dragons, and demons. Sometimes she dreamed of armies of dead men marching across the land, burning forests and besieging cities. Other times, she saw the face of a coldly beautiful elven woman, head wreathed in stars, mouthing words that she could not understand. In her terror, Shariel would sometimes cast spells in her sleep, blowing down tents or causing campfires to flare. The tribe’s mages did not know how to help her, and the elders worried that she was becoming a danger to herself and others. At a loss for other options, it was decided that they should seek aid from the wizards of the Confederacy. Kethryn, both of his parents, and a small group of young rangers would escort Shariel on the long journey to Tolar.

Shortly after crossing into the Confederacy, however, the party was attacked by a group of mages and their undead minions. The party managed to slay one of the mages, but they were eventually overwhelmed, and Kethryn was wounded. The last thing he heard before blacking out was the voice of the mage leader telling his followers to, “…restrain the girl. She’s the only one we need alive.” When Kethryn awoke, he was being tended to by a group of blue wizards who had discovered the battle site. The Azzurri had been tracking the group that attacked Kethryn’s party, and they informed him that the attackers were suspected blood mages and necromancers, members of the Arcanum Sanguineus. Two of the other elven rangers had barely survived, but both of Kethryn’s parents were dead, and there was no sign of Shariel. Kethryn and his companions returned to their tribe to deliver the sad news, but Kethryn did not remain there long. Without his family, life with the tribe was too full of painful memories, and he was plagued by the knowledge that his sister was still alive and in the hands of blood mages and necromancers. Within a few months of the attack, Kethryn left the tribe for Tolar, swearing to the elders that he would not return until he could bring his sister home.

Upon arriving in Tolar, Kethryn presented himself at the Tolarian Academy, offering his services to the wizards in any capacity in exchange for information about the Arcanum Sanguineus. He spent the next several years training to augment his archery and hunting skills with spellcraft, and the Fraternita del Azzurro enlisted him as a covert operative, tasking him to travel throughout the Middle Kingdoms on missions to gather intelligence, collect magical artifacts from ruins, and, most importantly, hunt and eliminate Red Wizards. Kethryn continues with this line of work because it offers him the opportunity to strike at the organization that took his sister. Every mission against the Arcanum Sanguineus also carries the possibility that he might discover a clue that could lead him to Shariel.


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