Damek the Unpleasant

archer extraordinaire, payer of alimony, and death defier ("just try to kill me!... no, really, I have daggers if you need one.")


S:15 D:16 C:13 I:13 W:11 Ch:9 xp 180, level 1 human, lawful neutral simple melee 45 missile-bow 69 multi-attack(bow) 59 will 7


Damek’s Ex-Wives:

First: Behrta, most beautiful escort in Pitchfield. Split over suspected infidelity. Children: Graut (1/2 orc), Eloin (1/2 Elf), Smuckers (1/2 gelatinous cube), and Tse-Hao Leung.

Second: Bartholemew. Not a looker, was not able to conceive. Split was amicable.

Third: Bytzel. Mail-order bride from the snow barbarians—never again. Damek has since had to suppress a bout of PTSD whenever someone speaks Fruzti.

Fourth: Brunhilda. The meanest warthog in hell (doesn’t know what he was thinking), custody battle drags on (“you take them!” “no, you!”). Children: D-Damma-Diddle-Dekday, what’s his face, 4 others.

Fifth: Becthe. Things were alright, though her lycanthropy increasingly became a wedge issue. Children: Lady, Buster, and Spot.

Sixth: Bergitte. Borderline personality—crazy, but… (eyebrow raises) Left her some time ago (at full running move rate, provoking an unfortunate attack of opportunity), no children except for Damek Jr., who turned out to be a dachshund she shaved and wrote “damek’s baby” on in charcoal.

Damek the Unpleasant

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