Damek the Unpleasant

archer extraordinaire, payer of alimony, and death defier ("just try to kill me!... no, really, I have daggers if you need one.")


S:15 D:16 C:13 I:13 W:11 Ch:9
xp 180, level 1
human, lawful neutral
simple melee 45
missile-bow 69
multi-attack(bow) 59
will 7


Damek’s Ex-Wives:

First: Behrta, most beautiful escort in Pitchfield. Split over suspected infidelity. Children: Graut (1/2 orc), Eloin (1/2 Elf), Smuckers (1/2 gelatinous cube), and Tse-Hao Leung.

Second: Bartholemew. Not a looker, was not able to conceive. Split was amicable.

Third: Bytzel. Mail-order bride from the snow barbarians — never again. Damek has since had to suppress a bout of PTSD whenever someone speaks Fruzti.

Fourth: Brunhilda. The meanest warthog in hell (doesn’t know what he was thinking), custody battle drags on (“you take them!” “no, you!”). Children: D-Damma-Diddle-Dekday, what’s his face, 4 others.

Fifth: Becthe. Things were alright, though her lycanthropy increasingly became a wedge issue. Children: Lady, Buster, and Spot.

Sixth: Bergitte. Borderline personality — crazy, but… (eyebrow raises) Left her some time ago (at full running move rate, provoking an unfortunate attack of opportunity), no children except for Damek Jr., who turned out to be a dachshund she shaved and wrote “damek’s baby” on in charcoal.

Damek the Unpleasant

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