Human Male Paladin of the Raven Queen


“It is an unusual request I make of you,” said Mother Calana, “but aid them well. They have performed a valuable service for our Mistress, and never has the Raven Queen left a debt unpaid.”

It was with these words that Cyrus was dispatched from the Mortuary Church to a dilapidated tavern in Dockside in search of the members of Cordroy’s Security Service. In payment of the Church’s debt, he brought the party news that officials of the Erathian Cathedral had taken a potentially unhealthy interest in them and their recent activities. Sensing that there might be more to these rogues than met the eye, Cyrus offered his assistance and found himself immediately drawn into the struggle.

The enigmatic paladin has told little of himself, and few questions have been asked. While they have overhead Sackwidth drunkenly asking Cyrus (more than once) how such a young man came to have a head full of white hair, and Shadow has seen him cast the occasional sidelong glance to unoccupied chairs, corners, or alleyways, as though catching sight of something that Shadow cannot see, the party is content to let him keep his own counsel…for now.



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