Cordroy is a very large, friendly, generous, courageous and stupid goliath


Cordroy hasn’t really grasped his own significance. He has noticed that the world is largely populated by small, weak people who tend to need help doing things, and it is only natural to Cordroy that he be the one to help them.

Everybody gets the benefit of doubt from Cordroy. Because (lifting) things has always come easy to Cordroy, people have always seemed very reasonable and Good to Cordroy. The fact that they are actually scared of him has never occurred to him. Cordroy is ever optimistic and always expects that others are as good-hearted as he is.

Cordroy is extremely easy to take advantage of. His generosity and heroic nature are wide open to manipulation.

(Character created by Noah)


Cordroy hails from a tiny, rugged mountain village high up in the mountains of Kesk.


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