A patriarch in the halfling community, good-natured and eager to please


Clappet Smirn has pale skin, greying hair and brown eyes. He has long, full black sideburns, and his hair is unkempt. He wears a grease-stained leather apron, and coarse-woven linen shirt of indeterminate color. He is good-natured and eager to please.


Clappet Smirn, merchant, is the halfling barkeep and operator of the Jaundiced Jellyfish. The upstairs is divided into six small rooms. Clappet is a bit of a patriarch in the downtrodden halfling community. He is one of the few who own land and operate their own businesses. As such, he loans money and dispenses favors for the halfling community, some of it legal, some of it less so. Clappet lives with his wife, Ersa, and is visited frequently by an incomprehensible number of children, god-children, cousins, nephews, etc… it’s not clear which are actually related and which just call him “uncle” out of respect.


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