Table Etiquette

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I’ve tried to make the Dominium campaign open to as many players as possible. That means that each group fills the table, and it’s hard for everyone to get their time in the spotlight. I have various strategies for addressing that, including plots based on your character backgrounds, rules that reward a variety of playstyles, and a “sandbox” environment where the players’ choices determine the story arc.

Still, each player comes to the table for different reasons. Sometimes those reasons vary from month to month. Your day before the game may influence your mood. And the general vibe of the session may be a complex soup of the moods, expectations, and energies at the table. All of those factor into the experience that you, and your fellow players have.

Given all that, I’d like to outline some basic expectations that I have of the players in the campaign:

  • Bring a complete character sheet to each session. The values listed on that sheet should be the values you play with.
  • Know how your character works, and be prepared to use those functions in an efficient and playful manner. (If you’re unsure about a function, please ask me, or one of your fellow players.)
  • When we’re in combat, prepare your actions ahead of time whenever possible, and defer any dice rolling until your actual turn.
  • When you’re executing an action, whether in or out of combat, describe your intention to the GM. If you feel a particular skill applies, include that in your description. However, the GM reserves the right to request a roll, and to determine the applicable skill.
  • Be aware of the other players at the table, and make an effort to engage them, and their characters. We all watch shows on screen, but we come to the table to play and to socialize. Help others get involved in the game.
  • Failure is frustrating, and dice are fickle. Everyone wants their turn to be a moment of glory. But sometimes the best stories are forged by failures. Embrace them! There are many options for assisting other characters in RPGs. Since you’re playing as a team, be aware if a teammate is struggling, and look for ways to assist if possible.

I’ll add to these if necessary. If you have any questions about them, feel free to ask. If you need resources (rulebooks, character sheets, spell cards, etc.) please ask!

Thanks for putting your time and creative effort into the Dominium campaign!

Table Etiquette

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