Confederacy of Tolaria

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A nation in the Middle Kingdoms

Officially called the Confederazione di Tolari, this province was formed by the faculty and administration of the college of Atlantis, the Tolarian Academy. When the danger to Atlantis was identified the wizards of the Academy, led by Roderigo Barrin, and the priests of the Protectorate both sought avenues of escape for the population. In the end, Avacyn of the Protectorate (the Priestess) was, with divine aid, able to bring the people of Atlantis to the Archipelago. Her efforts elevated the Protectorate church significantly in the political hierarchy of the new Dominium of Atlantis, and she used the increased influence to effectively marginalize the Tolarian Academy. The policies of the Protectorate eventually led to the wizards’ rebellion and the formation of the Confederacy of Tolaria.

The Arcane Council of the Confederazione di Tolari including Teferi, Jhoira, Gatha, and Ertai (the Archmage) is based in Tolar, and rules the city as well as the province.


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Confederacy of Tolaria

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