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Capitol of the Confederacy

Tolar, home to the Tolarian Academy, has a rich tradition dedicated to knowledge and education while the areas outside the city are known for agriculture. Rich farmlands, pastoral forests, and excellent vineyards abound. Though the borders of the Confederacy have changed many times over the centuries of struggle with the Dominium, the city has carried the name of Tolar since 100 DR. It is the governing seat of the Confederacy with Port Lyric and Seahold.

In 720 DR, Tolar was devastated by a meteor strike known as the Tears of Selûne. The strike carved the Chasm of the Fallen Star in the western districts of the city and opened a rift between the worlds, allowing an invasion of aberrations and demons to assault the city. The wizards of the Academy hired mercenary forces from the Middle Kingdoms and recruited notable heroes from the region to fight the invasion. One band of heroes was instrumental in the defense. They located a lost Archmage of the Academy, Roderigo Barrin, and together they drove off the aberrations and demons and closed the interplanar rift.

These events also exposed a manifest zone within the city — a crossover between the plane of the Shadowfell and the plane of the Middle World — that is home to a ghostly echo of Tolar known as Carcosa. The meteor strike, invasion, and manifestation of the Shadowfell had a crippling effect on the city and its people. Once home to 50,000 inhabitants, the current population is reduced to half of that. Tolar is slowly recovering under the administration of Ertai, the current Archmage, assisted by Barrin.

  • Government: Magocracy (Council of Wizards)
  • Population: 25,000 (large city)
  • Exports: Wood & furnishings, wool & textiles, magical items & ingredients, fur trade, wine, ore
  • Languages: Domini (Common), a’Tolari (from which Domini is derived), Álfari (Elvish), Veröldi (dialect of Laman, spoken by Goliaths, Humans, and Halflings native to the Archipelago), Vistani (dialect of Draconic/Vistani), Dvergar (dialect of Primordial/Dwarves), Baeyagar (Goblin)


Akariel Gate
Castle Nero
Chasm of the Fallen Star
Emperor’s Gate
The Enclave
The Fane of Iolar
Hall of Justice
Lyric Gate
Mercenary Hold
Neromere Bay
The Ninth Court
River Gate
River Inverno
Ruined Gate
The Ruins
The Shard of Night
The Tolarian Academy
Waterclock Tower
Wood Gate


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