The Calendar of The Dominium — Back to Lore

Current time: Iksē (Spring), 721 DR (Dominium Reckoning)

  • 360 days per year
  • 10 months per year, each associated with a god of the Erathian pantheon
  • 36 days per month
  • 4 weeks per month
  • 9 days per week, each day is named for one of the heroes who accompanied Scion on his legendary adventures.

According to the myths of Atlantis, the goddess Selûne drives a silver-wheeled chariot through the heavens on a monthly circuit that follows the River of Heaven. Her course takes her around the icy mountain of Everlost. Once a month the light of her chariot is entirely blocked by the dark bulk of that frozen citadel.

Kaíri (Summer)

Arakaíri: (July/August) Arawai
Pelokaíri: (August/September) Pelor
Boldrekaíri: (September/October) Boldrei

Ópōro (Autumn)

Olladrópōro: (October/November) Olladra
Iounópōro: (November/December) Ioun

Ónas (Winter)

Selûnas: (December/January) Selûne
Aureonas: (January/February) Aureon
Onataronas: (February/March) Onatar

Iksē (Spring)

Erathiksē: (March/April) Erathis
Traditionally, the beginning of the new year on Erath.
Jovasiksē: (May/June) Jovas

Heroes – Days

  • Scion – Sciday
  • Sulis – Sulday
  • Xiphias – Xiphiday
  • Quero – Queroday
  • Montero – Monday
  • Tulias – Tulisday
  • Vardes – Vardesday
  • Theron – Thernsday
  • Fortis – Forday


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