Tag: Sanctuary


  • inYEN AKA Dominium (deceased)

    Dominium is the only name inYEN has ever had. For the last six years he has grown and lived on the streets of Sanctuary, free and obligated to find his own way. Durrah, his mother, was a high end prostitute working in a very discreet establishment in …

  • Ali al-Zaybaq

    Alī al-Zaybaq, the uncrowned king of Sanctuary’s underworld. The mercenary-rogues of al-Zaybaq are known as the Hawks for the blue cheche (turban and veil headwrap) that they wear. So called because they resemble the Alaran hawk with its distinctive blue- …

  • Csaba

    Csaba employs Downwinder children to help him clean the Caravan Square.

  • Hakiem

    Hakiem is a storyteller who trades tales for coin. Most often found in Westside.

  • Malik

    Malik is a tenement owner who administers a building near Caravan Square.