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  • Rauma

    Primary hamlet in Kajaan. Population around 200. Home to farmers, orchard-workers, and fisherfolk. This settlement is located on the north bank of the river Eunoë (ewe-no-ay) — “good memories” in the old speech of the elves. It is about seven miles from …

  • Kajaan

    h3. Kajaan — [[The Middle Kingdoms | Back to The Middle Kingdoms]] One of the smaller Middle Kingdoms, until recently ruled by the regent, [[:ajatar | Ajatar]]. Kajaan was formerly occupied by the native Huichol (wee-chol) people. Before the Huichol, …

  • Voltai

    h3. Voltai — [[The Middle Kingdoms | Back to The Middle Kingdoms]] Nominally one of the Middle Kingdoms, having been established by dwarven clans that — like the elves — had fled another world via a planar gate. The settlements of the Dominium nobles …

  • Witchhenge

    Sitting atop a hill the elves named "Sidh-dhruim" (shee-thru-eem), the hill of the Witchhenge Gate, Witchhenge is a circle of ancient standing stones and sometimes a planar gate to other worlds. Beneath the hill is a barrow, a tomb complex constructed …

  • River Eunoë

    The river forms the southern and eastern border of Kajaan, and separates it from the kingdom of Kirtai in the south, and the Confederation of Tolaria to the east. The name means “good memories” in the elven speech. The Huichol people …

  • The Temple of Jovas Grove

    A Temple of Jovas, goddess of the wood and the hunt. Revered by hunters, woodsmen, and farmers. One of her symbols is the phoenix. In the midst of the Forest of Fomar, about nine miles northwest of Rauma, is the Grove of Jovas. A hill rises in the …

  • The Forest of Fomar

    Fabled battleground of the Fomarians and the Firbolgs (tieflings and the faewild Hunt), now home to a band of rogues who follow the “[[:black_swan | Black Swan]]”. [[Kajaan]] [[Main Page]]

  • Kajaani Castle

    Kajaani Castle, seat of the small kingdom of Kajaan, near Rauma. The castle is a restored elven manor house — surrounded by a 20 ft stone wall with a gatehouse — perched on a cliff overlooking the King's Fall, a portion of the River Eunoë that is a …

  • Old Sarum

    Secondary hamlet in northern Kajaan. Population around 100. Home to craftsmen, and old adventurers. A cluster of stone and half-timbered buildings built on a switchback cobbled road on a stony hillside overlooking Lake Sarum. Old Sarum is the primary …

  • Fort Moradin

    Fort Moradin is a Voltain border fort (garrison size, around 50) of the Dwarves of the Soulscale clan. Soulscale Forge, as the clan is known, is identified by the gold dragon crest they display. The commander at Fort Moradin is Kitmun Darkhelm. * …

  • The Middle Kingdoms

    The northern frontier. The Dominium has ordered the region “colonized” to defuse the dramatic rivalry between Kesk and the Confederacy of Tolaria. These small kingdoms in the wilderlands are populated by colonists, the hardy remnants of older empires, …

  • The Aklan Protectorate

    The Protectorate is home to the church of the Dominium. This massive religious and military hierarchy controls the codes of worship adhered to by the faithful of the empire. The Protectorate also enforces the will of the empire and the church through its …

  • Alara

    h4. And for these reasons, and out of such elements which are in number four, the body of the world was created, and it was harmonised by proportion
    — Plato, _Timaeus_
    Alara remains much as it was before the coming of the Dominium, an …

  • The Alaran Peninsula

    h3. One of the Archipelago's primary [[Regions | regions]] The peninsula of Alara is famous for its renegades and heroes. Here, the outcasts of Atlantis found a home. Those who refused the rigid structure of the empire, yet served it on their own terms …

  • Boundless Sea

    The sea that forms the northern and eastern boundary of the archipelago. Cabal Isles
    Corsair Isles

    [[Main Page]]

  • The Dominium

    In _“an age undreamed of”_ the kings and mariners of Atlantis fled the destruction of their utopian isle and braved nature’s wrath to found a new Atlantis, a place they called _“Dominium”_. The archipelago that they usurped had fallen victim to such inter …

  • Esper

    The isle of Esper is home to the fey, and a place of exquisite natural wonders. Gnomes, wilden, and various types of elves are often found here. Beneath this land is an _“echo”_ of the mortal world, a parallel dimension in which the natural features of …

  • Kakuriyo

    h4. The heavenly bodies are divine and move in their various orbits to serve as markers of time: the fixed stars to mark a day/night, the moon to mark the (lunar) month and the sun to mark the year. Time itself came into being with these celestial …

  • The Shadowholds

    The hubris of the empire of Atlantis knew no bounds. In their desire for conquest, they not only enslaved the populations of lands they conquered, they also enslaved their own dead. Heroes that fell in battle were raised by various arts and rites, and …

  • Wyrding Sea

    The _"sea of fate"_ that forms the western boundary of the archipelago.

    [[Main Page]]

  • Confederacy of Tolaria

    h3. Confederacy of Tolaria — [[The Middle Kingdoms | Back to The Middle Kingdoms]] Officially called the _Confederazione di Tolari_, this province was formed by the faculty and administration of the college of Atlantis, the Tolarian Academy. When the …

  • Kesk

    h3. Kesk — [[The Middle Kingdoms | Back to The Middle Kingdoms]] Kesk consists of hundreds of miles of wild coastline, peopled by tribes of orcs that benefit from the bounty of the sea and the temperate yet tempestuous climate. The orcs of Kesk are …

  • The Reach of Eilífr

    The Reach of Eilífr is a 350-mile long strip of rocky land that is home to dragons and the dragonborn race. It is laced with caverns and tunnels, and pocked with valleys that hold dark swamps and jungles. Its mighty peaks are capped with ice, and several …

  • The Manors

    One of the quarters of Dominium City. The Manors are so named for the farms—land holdings of the noble families of Dominium City—operated by tenant farmers and the like. More extensive farming is done in the south, and the northern part of this quarter …

  • The Citadel

    One of the quarters of Dominium City. Home of the central government of the Dominium. The river _Lamentation_ flows down from the _Montes Centauri_, the range of mountains occupying the north-central portion of the island, and east into the sea at the …

  • The Vale

    One of the quarters of Dominium City. The safe refuge first settled by the Atlanteans upon their arrival in this world, the Vale is home to some of Dominium City’s oldest architecture. The original palace of the Dominex has been converted to a university, …

  • Terminus

    One of the quarters of Dominium City. Terminus is the main port of entry for Dominium City, as well as being the primary station for the lightning rail line that nearly circuits the island. It is primarily an industrial and trading quarter, as well as …

  • Dominium City

    The capitol of the archipelago, Dominium City is a cyclopean labyrinth of walls and towers that covers over 100 square miles of the island’s surface. The city is vast, so the quarters—and the neighborhoods they contain—are really like small, independent …

  • Delta Ward

    The central ward of Terminus quarter between the rivers _Lamentation_ and _Fire_.
    [[Archos District]]
    Bayfront District
    [[Dockside District]]
    [[Drakechapel District | Drakechapel District]]

  • Archos District

    Archos district, Delta ward, is the gateway to Dominium City. It is named after the soldiers of the Protectorate, called “archos”. Ships arriving at the _Bay of Triumph_ dock along Bayfront and Dockside, bringing passengers and cargo from all parts of the …

  • Hammers District

    Hammers district, Delta ward, is an industrial and manufacturing zone.
    Lyric Theater (1)
    Osram's Lamps (2)
    [[Sands End Gasworks tavern | Sands End Gasworks tavern]] (3)
    [[Delta Ward | Delta Ward]] [[ …

  • Firegate Station

    Firegate Station is a large city watch station in the Dockside district of Delta ward, at the mouth of the river, _Fire_. The watch here are charged with securing Dockside and dealing with immigrants.
    *Personalities* [[:angus-twee | Angus Twee …

  • Dockside District

    Dockside district, Delta ward is the primary shipping and receiving area of Dominium City on the _Bay of Triumph_. Timber and stone quays line the bayside shore. Immigrants are directed along the docks to Firegate Station, where tolls are collected and …

  • Drakechapel District

    Drakechapel district, Delta ward is largely populated by slaves and low-wage laborers.
    [[Drakechapel shrine | Drakechapel shrine]] (1)
    [[Delta Ward | Delta Ward]] [[Terminus | Terminus Quarter]]

  • Coppers Float tavern

    Coppers Float tavern is so named for the glass-sphere fishing float with a few copper coins in it suspended by a metallic net over the door. (Play on “coppers”, the nickname for the Watch because of the studded copper bands that adorn their leather …

  • Jaundiced Jellyfish

    The Jaundiced Jellyfish is in Terminus, not far from where Cordroy first swam ashore. It's not much to look at. Two stories on a muddy sidestreet about 400 yards from the piers. A greenish-yellow wooden triangle with yellow rope “tentacles” hanging from …

  • Boerne the Fletcher

    Boerne supplies the watch at Firegate Station and troops at the Bastion with the best in bows, arrows and related necessities. He is also an excellent instructor in the art of ranged combat. *Personalities* [[:boerne | Boerne the Fletcher]] [[ …

  • Goblin Market

    Goblin Market in an old salt-storage vault under a salt-fish warehouse just off the Meander canal. The fish were beheaded and eviscerated, on board boat or ship. (This is feasible with whitefish, whereas it would not be with oily fish.) It is then salted …

  • Shrine of Ioun

    Shrine of Ioun, houses the Aesalon family crypt among others. *Personalities* Barnabas — human, a young disciple of Ioun [[:elysia | Elysia]] — human, a driven young priestess of Ioun [[Archos District | Archos District]] [[Delta Ward | Delta …

  • Blackfriar’s Hospice

    Blackfriar’s Hospice, established by an unnamed friar of Boldrei. Caters primarily to the slave population of the inner Archos district. [[Archos District | Archos District]] [[Delta Ward | Delta Ward]] [[Terminus | Terminus Quarter]]

  • Erathian Cathedral

    bq). "That most terrible church of the most glorious Erathis, deservedly shines out, like the sun among stars. And although some speakers, by their own free judgment, because [they are] able to see only a few things easily, may say that some other is more …

  • The Bastion

    The Bastion is the headquarters of the famous Terminus Legion of the Dominium military. [[Archos District | Archos District]] [[Delta Ward | Delta Ward]] [[Terminus | Terminus Quarter]]

  • Blackfriar’s Square

    Blackfriar’s Square is named for the black marble statue commemorating an unnamed friar of Boldrei who established a hospice in the Archos district to house the poor. He is depicted with a hand raised in blessing, and his other hand holds a book and a key …

  • Ah’nika Tupelo’s boarding house

    Ah’nika Tupelo’s (two-pillows) boarding house, a Blackbird flophouse. Tucked amongst a maze of seedy alleyways just north of Anchius’ square. *Personalities* [[:callous | Callous]] [[Archos District | Archos District]] [[Delta Ward | Delta Ward …

  • Anchius Fountain

    Anchius, rampant wine-bearer centaur fountain that has been altered to stream water from another location. [[Archos District | Archos District]] [[Delta Ward | Delta Ward]] [[Terminus | Terminus Quarter]]

  • Sands End Gasworks tavern

    Sands End Gasworks tavern, built atop an old landfill along the canal, the Sands End uses methane piped up from the rotting waste sealed below to fuel lamps, stoves and other conveniences. A sign on the door says “no incendiary magicks allowed. No smoking …

  • Drakechapel shrine

    Drakechapel shrine, dedicated to Boldrei. The goddess counts commoners, parents, and militia members among her worshipers. She is usually depicted as a commoner of any race, and sometimes as a copper dragon brooding over a clutch of eggs. Her tenets …

  • The Dive Inn

    The Dive Inn looms ominously over Lampblack Alley, halfway between two legitimate streets. It is three stories high, but the interior is gutted, and features two balconies, rather than upper floors. A mix of halflings, and down-and-out looking humans are …

  • Shrine of the Raven Queen

    Mother Calana operates the mortuary service at this shrine, which is used by the Protectorate and other churches to prepare the dead for burial. *Personalities* [[:mother-calana | Mother Calana]] [[Archos District | Archos District]] [[Delta …

  • Eilífr's Well

    This swirling inner sea of the archipelago is bordered on the west by the Reach of Eilífr, a narrow, but lengthy strip of rocky land that is home to dragons and the dragonborn race, and on the east by the Aklan Protectorate and the Alaran Peninsula. It is …

  • Seahold

    h3. Seahold — [[Confederacy of Tolaria | Back to The Confederacy of Tolaria]] The city of Seahold, also known as "Rocca Mare", consists of clusters of buildings cut into the high, gray walls of the river canyon, between thirty and sixty feet off the …

  • Almuria

    h3. Province on the [[The Alaran Peninsula | Alaran Peninsula]] On the northern coast of the Alaran Peninsula, bordering Calida in the east, and Azahar and Asturias on the south, Almuria saw the heaviest fighting at the beginning of the Protectorate …

  • Sanctuary

    h3. Large town in [[Almuria | Almuria]], on the [[The Alaran Peninsula | Alaran Peninsula]] [[File:447386 | class=media-item-align-left | 800x800px | Sanctuary-01.png]] Sanctuary, on the north coast of the Alaran Peninsula in the province known as …

  • Orzhov

    h3. Orzhov — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Azorius

    h3. Azorius — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Boros

    h3. Boros — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Dimir

    h3. Dimir — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Golgari

    h3. Golgari — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Kollos

    h3. Kollos — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Rakdos

    h3. Rakdos — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Selesnya

    h3. Selesnya — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Simic

    h3. Simic — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Bulacan

    h3. Bulacan — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Panang

    h3. Panang — [[The Shadowholds | Back to The Shadowholds]]

  • Tolar

    h3. Tolar — [[Confederacy of Tolaria | Back to The Confederacy of Tolaria]] Tolar, home to the Tolarian Academy, has a rich tradition dedicated to knowledge and education while the areas outside the city are known for agriculture. Rich farmlands, …