In Eilífr's Well
Session 1: Passage to Brava


In Tolaria
Session 55: The Witchqueen's Designs


Samdhya says she summoned the party and marked them with the phoenix for the purpose of stopping the real threat to the Archipelago: Erek Hus. With the Voltaic Key recharged by the three tears of Selûne, she hopes to send her champions back one more time to another pivotal moment in the scheme of Erek Hus.

But, in order to ensure her own power, she must acquire the knowledge held by Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Llwyncelyn (Yggwyn), an Aereni sorceress, known as the Mother of Witches. Yggwyn is, in that distant time, in the company of the former Archmage Barrin, the wizard Nicolo Nero, and Graz’zt, a demon prince. They are working on a project known as the Bloodline Project. Luring Graz’zt away will ensure that Yggwyn can devote her attentions to Samdhya and the Netheril sorceress Csenge.

What better lure than a rival demon? Nodens commands the aberrations and undead besieging Tolar. The former lieutenant of Graz’zt once betrayed his master, earning his eternal enmity. If the party can convince Graz’zt to return with them, they make break the siege and grant Samdhya the knowledge of Yggwyn. What Samdhya plans to do with that knowledge she has not revealed …

The clever Wisp pilfers the Voltaic Key from the Witchqueen just as the party are sent on their mission. Do they now hold the key to their own destiny, or a curse destined to haunt them?

The Boundless Sea
Session 39: On board the Sjórörninn (Sea Eagle)

Randoon, Shadow, and Cyrus part company with their friends Slide and Cordroy, and depart Dominium City aboard the Sjórörninn (Sea Eagle), a dragonborn longship bound for Seahold, in the Confederacy of Tolaria. Other passengers onboard include a mysterious shrouded figure named Stirn, and a ranger named Alyss.

The dragonborn prove their worth mid-voyage when they help the adventurers fight off the assault of a hydra.

Session 38: In Dominium City
Session 38: Delivering the Goods

After handing off the phylactery to Alekto Kerameikos, the party heads for the river to meet the dragonborn raiders they’ve employed to escape the city. Their break in at the Locuters’ Palace has caused a fair amount of commotion. House Eleftherio has mobilized Protectorate soldiers, and squads of Legion soldiers are patrolling the area around the Bastion, alert to the activities of the Protectorate. House Ellinikos and the Dominex, in response to the break in, have put them on alert.

A confrontation with the Protectorate seems likely. And not something Cyrus would seek to avoid, given that the Protectorate and the Erathians have imprisoned the local clergy and followers of the Raven Queen.

In Tolaria
Session 54: Seeking the Witchqueen

Return with us to the besieged city of Tolar, and its shadowy double Carcosa, to find out what the Witch Queen has planned for the Tears of Selûne.

In Dominium City
Session 37: The Heist

Some subtle and not-so-subtle maneuvering and the phylactery is in hand! An otherworldly experience, an echo of the past, ensues:

Samdhya (the rebel Queen, conqueror of Anga), Ákos Ravasz (an Angan noted for his ferocity and stealth), Világos Darány (a lesser son of an Angan noble house), and István Varjú (emissary of House Netheril) have passed through an anomaly in the ley-line network that forms the magical foundation of the archipelago and discovered a strange mountainside beyond. There you met a Mind-Flayer (Illithid) named Archelaus, who has promised to reveal to her a ritual to acquire the power necessary to expel the invaders from the Dominium and seal the anomalies they have created in the ley-line network.

Samdhya found that the ritual bound her soul to the phylactery … having learned of the cost, she was able to divert a portion of her awareness into a certain mountain shaman’s son named “Randoon”.

In Keskellä Seinää
Session 53: The Road Back to Tolar

The party is pursued by lycanthropes in the hills and mountains between Kajaan and the Confederacy of Tolaria.

In Dominium City
Session 36: To Enter the Citadel

The party sneaks in to the Locuters’ Palace at the Citadel of the Dominex Timaeus Elliniko, to steal the phylactery.

In Kajaan
Session 52: Now, if we only had that last Tear ...

The Tears of Selûne, the Voltaic Key, the Witch Queen. How are these things connected?


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