In Dominium City
Session 14: Return to the Inverted Tower

Elysia, priestess of Ioun, confesses to the party that she was overconfident in her own ability to deal with the Rod of the Hidden Star, the Revelation of Melech, and the secrets of the Order of the Starry Night that dwelt below in the Inverted Tower of Falco Aesalon.

She takes responsibility for the plague that now threatens the shrine, and the city. And she warns the party not to underestimate Father Darius’s resolve to destroy the shrine and its inhabitants if they prove to be a threat. Elysia called on Cordroy, Slide, Shadow and Randoon because they had braved the Inverted Tower before, and given the time limit Darius had imposed, she felt that only they could recover the crystals needed to synthesize a potion to halt the spreading plague.

And so the party descends. Past the roiling mass of glowing protoplasm, whose sickening pseudopods exude gray vapors that seem a likely source of the amber fever that infected the Protectorate soldiers. Past the flying sheets of undead flesh that strive to blind the party, and the lobster-headed mutants that crawl from the slime of the sewers to assault them. Past the scuttling carrion crawler that darts back and forth between them, while attempting to snare a distracted victim to carry back to its cavern lair. And, finally, to the heart of the ruined machine that Aesalon and his brothers from the Order of the Starry Night constructed to open a gateway to another star.

Past the whirring blades they find the glowing otherworldly crystals that Elysia is convinced she can use to concoct a cure. But there they also find a terrible guardian. A Beholder. Perhaps the aberration passed through a gateway opened by the Order’s device, or perhaps it lurked here all the while, waiting. Either way, the party must gather the crystals as they fend off the terrible creature and its legendary multi-eyed gaze.

A desperate battle follows. Cordroy falls unconscious in the fight, but is aided by Shadow. Randoon blinds the thing temporarily with a well-crafted spell. Slide suffers terribly, but delivers the killing blow.

Now the party must gather the remaining crystals and escape this place of horror and death to avert the plague and fire that threaten the shrine above.

In Kajaan
Session 31: Beneath the Tower of the Day

The horns of the hunt — giants of the Fae Wastes — are sounding. Gunga Din estimates they are less than a mile to the south of the party, and closing. The elves of Anga-past tell the party what they know of the ruins. The ring was once the Tower of the Day. Next to it stood a temple, and beneath that, a crypt. In Anga-past, the ruined appearance of the place was an illusion used to fool the giant hunters. Here and now, it seems the illusion is a reality.

The party faces a choice: Flee further into the wastes, in hope of eluding the hunt. Stand and defend the ruin. Or, hide in the crypt below the temple. The crypt door is secured by a password, hinted at by the fragments of inscriptions found in the ruins. Akron and Bob the Bold determine that what “begins and ends in darkness” must be the day, and that the “heart” is “like a drum”. They decide the “heart of the day” is “noon”, which turns out to be the key that opens the great stone door of the crypt. It looks like a safe place to hide, and the party decides to do so. Of the elves of Anga-past, only the drow, Ancasta, is willing to join them underground. The other two decide to take their chances eluding the hunt. The party hides the traces of their passage, enters the crypt, and closes the stone doors behind them.

Within they find a finely-wrought grove of stone trees that form a pillared hall, reliquaries of some silvery metal designed to hold the ashes of the departed, and a statue standing over the inscription:

With reverence are their remains contain’d
Lest by the curse of undeath our kin be stained

Unfortunately, some of the departed were not so reverently contained, and the crypts are haunted by the undead. A race ensues to slaughter the undead, find empty reliquaries in which to contain them, and loot the crypt, all before the waves of the undead overwhelm the party.

In Dominium City
Session 13: Parley and Plague

Randoon, Slide and Shadow go about the business of securing the Jaundiced Jellyfish and establishing connections in the neighborhood. Randoon invests his energies looking into the power structures of the city, learning of the Great Houses and the many guilds, corporations, associations and militias that they employ.

The Dominium is ruled by the Dominex Timaeus, whose palace — the Pillar of Atlas, constructed of red, white and black marble, towers over the Citadel quarter of Dominium City. The Hall of Hermocrates, houses the “The Heart of Atlantis”, the city council.

The halls of government are occupied by the Silentiarios — a group of courtiers responsible for the maintenance of order in the palace.

There are twelve great houses in the hierarchy of the Dominium:

  • The House of Aerides — alchemists, artificers, and magewrights of great skill
  • The House of Eleftherios — bodyguards, scouts, sentries, and seers
  • The House of Ellinikos — protection and mercenary services
  • The House of Gvinardon — innkeepers, chefs and restaurateurs (Their coat of arms, three black swans on a gold band across a black field)
  • The House of Kerameikos — bankers, moneylenders, and security. (Their coat of arms, a crossed gold key and silver sword on a blue field)
  • The House of Lykavittos — weather magic, shipping, and transportation
  • The House of Meletios — alchemists and healers
  • The House of Monastiraki — entertainers and artisans, diviners and illusionists
  • The House of Patisias — couriers and transportation
  • The House of Spyridon — communication, mediation and advocacy
  • The House of Thission — prospectors, detectives, and bounty hunters
  • The House of Votanikos — teamsters, trainers, and stablekeepers

In addition to the great houses, there is the Legion (the militia), the Protectorate (the church militia), and the Watch.

Shadow visits his friend Daylain, owner of the Wonders of the Fey shop, in order to send some communication to their former patron, the Lady Alekto Kerameiko. He outlines their plans to “clean up” Dockside, and solicits her help in avoiding entanglements with the city watch, who have been shown to contain corrupt elements. The party hopes to arrange a meeting with the Lady to discuss further arrangements. Shadow’s letter is eloquent and persuasive.

Daylain examines the cloak the party recovered from the Shades of Typhon thugs they fought on the Dockside rooftops, and reveals it to be a Gloaming Shroud, a powerful item. But he also discovers that it is “signed” by the Shades’ “eyes and arms” sigils embroidered on the hem.

Slide meanwhile gathers his young halfling “irregulars” and instructs them on security and defense. He urges them to be self-sufficient, while assuring them that he will reimburse them for information discretely gathered. The party rents a nearby warehouse as a refuge for those of the small gang who live on the streets.

Back at the Jellyfish, the trio are visited by one Pericles D’sdayne, of the “House of Monastiraki”, and alleged “landlord” or service-provider of some sort for the Jellyfish. The party assures the eladrin fop and his two associates that until they see evidence of D’sdayne’s markeing efforts, they have no intention of paying him. D’sdayne negotiates a two-month moratorium, and promises to return to collect his fee after such evidence is provided.

Finally, Barnabus, a disciple of Ioun and associate of the priestess Elysia (with whom the party had previous business) arrives at the inn obviously distraught. Elysia has been infected by some plague that she was exposed to while investigating the catacombs below the shrine. And now the Protectorate and the Church of Erathis are threatening to kill the exposed disciples to prevent the “amber fever” from spreading. Protectorate soldiers have been dispatched to deal with the source of the plague, but have gone missing in the catacombs. The party has been called upon because of their previous experience with the labyrinthine tunnels, and Elysia hoped to enlist their aid based on the goodwill generated by their previous association.

At the Shrine, Father Darius Eleftherio has imperiously ordered the deaths of the infected, and that the shrine be shut down and sealed. However, he is attacked by a squad of his own soldiers who have been so infected by the plague that their “amber fever” has accelerated to an “amber rage”, a murderous zombie-like frenzy. The priest flees, locking himself into a side room, and leaves the party, Friar Cappa, and a pair of Protectorate soldiers to face the frenzied plague-bearers. The ragers break into one of the sick rooms, killing the infected there and generating still more ragers. One of the soldiers falls, and the party is nearly overwhelmed, but they fight off multiple waves of ragers, and free Elysia.

Elysia informs them she can brew a cure to the fever, but only with the crystals gathered from the catacombs below, which appear to be the source of the disease. Some force has been unleashed there and she fears it. Time is short for the sick disciples and the priestess. If the party is to help, they must do so quickly!

In Kajaan
Session 30: Ghosts of Anga

The party ventures off the road, heading east into the forest surrounding the Fae Wastes. Amidst the undergrowth they find traces of an ancient road running northeast, and follow it. Along the way they encounter an obelisk, a road marker, with moss-filled elvish runes spelling out the name “Anga”.

Akron’s acute sense of the arcane allows him to detect a powerful source of the energy nearby. The party investigates and discovers the ruins of a tower and an intact archway leading into a ring of stones on the hillside. The party hears the baying of hounds in the distance, and for a moment they are treated to a hallucinatory glimpse of a beautiful white tower, impossibly narrow, standing on the hill. They pass through the archway, and the illusion is banished, but not the sounds of the baying hounds.

Soon a frantic party of three elves emerges from the undergrowth, fleeing some pursuit. They talk in the ancient dialect of elvish that the party has come to associate with the elves of the Fae Wastes, but their gear is beautiful to look at, and seemingly new. Whereas, up till now, the elves they have encountered have been shoddily attired, bearing scavenged or makeshift weapons. The mystery deepens as the elves insist they are from Anga, and this cannot be the great city they know. They say “the Hunt” is near.

Proving their claim, a pack of dog-men (gnolls), attacks the party. After a brave fight, the gnolls are slaughtered. The pack has been dispersed, but what of the hunters?

In Dominium City
Session 12: Captain Flint's End

Farmer Barris gets his wagon and chickens back. Sergeant Nicodemus of the Firegate Station of the watch investigates the death of Johnn the Uncouth, but is uncharacteristically cavalier about it, as he apparently knows some of the details of Johnn’s activities, and is therefore none-too-surprised at the man’s fate. At the corner of Lampblack Alley and Triumphside, the party finds a lurking gang of Shades of Typhon thugs monitoring the Dive Inn. They dispatch the thugs in a rooftop battle. Down at street level, Mr. White meets Privy, a halfling server at the Dive Inn. The halfling urinates on the addict’s leg, but he hardly notices due to the siren song of the illicit substances offered by the inn. Inside, the party orchestrates a careful ambush of the notorious Captain Flint, and an angry Slide violently dispatches the orc with a pair of strokes from the heavy blade he liberated from beneath the Bastion.

In Kajaan
Session 29: Eastward

The party makes use of the raider’s boat, traveling east. Downriver, they notice they are being watched, and put to shore in pursuit of the watchers. Braving daggerthorn briars and razor spores, they trek the wilderness until they arrive at the ancient, but still-used trade-road that runs from the village of Rauma in the south, to the kingdom of Ivatan in the north, and eventually to Port Lyric on the coast. They turn south, heading towards the edges of the Fae Wastes, where rumor has it, Ajatar is lurking. They intend to finish their business with the usurper. They are greeted at a great stone bridge by a pair of elf-scouts, from the Fae Wastes. The elves attempt to deceive the party, but Gunga Din detects their deception. Akron recognizes the vista of the wastes as the end of the gateway through which Ajatar fled when he eluded them, and the hunt is on!

In Dominium City
Session 11: Cordroy's Security Service Finds a Home

Cordroy and Randoon agree to Clappet’s terms, and purchase the Jaundiced Jellyfish with some of the coin they earned from their deal with House Kerameikos. Rumors have linked Johnn the Uncouth, a nemesis of Randoon, and Captain Flint, a pirate (and therefore frowned upon by Cordroy) at the unsavory Dockside haunt known as the Dive Inn. Randoon and Cordroy arrange an ambush for the corrupt watchman, using the wagon and cargo of one Farmer Barris as a distraction. The Farmer is well paid for the use of his goods. The ambush nearly fails when Cordroy is knocked unconscious, but Avel and Rohjhee, a pair of young halflings employed by Slide are able to help. Rohjhee is wounded, and one of Johnn’s henchmen escapes, but the uncouth one is slain.

In Kajaan
Session 28: Blood on the Shining Sands

A Hill Giant and a band comprised of orcs and feral elves have overrun an encampment of Flamescale Forge dwarves. They are torturing the captives for information about the hidden Way of Voltai, unaware that the party has opened the Way, and is in the process of sneaking up on the raiders. The party launches their assault, and realizes the giant is a foe beyond their abilities. Quick thinking by Wisp and Väinämöinen turns the tide. They seize the raider’s boat and take control of the ballista mounted on the foredeck. A bolt from the ballista, coated with toxic, flammable pitch slays the giant and saves the day. Several of the feral elves escape the rout. Akaash, a Flamescale dwarf thanks the party for their efforts, and flees as well, taking a giant finger as a “souvenir”.

In Dominium City
Session 10: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The party escapes the sewers and discovers that the Goblin Market is alive with agents of the Shades and the Blackbirds, apparently looking for them. They bribe Kalliban, an agent of the Vandals, yet another thieving guild, and lure the agents of the Shades, notably one called the “Gremlin” into an ambush. Then they evade the Blackbirds and make their escape. In the alleys they encounter Uncle Gimlet, a devilweed-dealer and fast-talker, who sells a small stash to Slide, for keeping Mr. White on the line. At Daylain’s shop, the party learns the true value of the Necklace of Keys. Considering the obstacles they’ve overcome to get it, they send a missive to Lady Kerameikos with an offer to re-negotiate the fee to which they had previously agreed. A meeting is arranged at Embankment Bridge, and the necklace is exchanged for cash, and a Bag of Holding is provided by the House, as a token of their appreciation for the party’s work. Back at the Jaundiced Jellyfish, Clappet Smirn explains to the party that the neighborhood is getting too dangerous to keep his family in residence at the inn, and he offers to sell his interest in it to them.

In Kajaan
Session 27: The Way is Open

The party confronts the feral elves of the Fae Wastes as they try to perform the key ritual to open the Way of Voltai. The party is victorious, and seizes the key, tossing the head of the elf leader into the canyon beyond. In the distance, smoke and cries of alarm rise from an encampment on the shores of the Shining Sands river…


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