tacturn but pleasant norse fighterette


Great with Battle Axe; good with Simple Missle. Multi-Attack.
Int. 25
Reasonable Fort, Reflex, not so good on Will.

Currently carring Battle Axe, Winged Short Sword, Simple Missles.

Med. Shield + Studded Leather Armor.

2 doses Barkskin
1 holy Water
5 silver
7 copper
1 gold

+Party Treasure


Originally from Norway, Zalumna is an easy-going mercenary, looking to see the world a bit before she settles down to the farm. Though Zalumna’s family farm (she’s from the matriarchial part of Norway) is 1,000 feet above the fyord and doesn’t get sunlight all year round.

So this part of the world is looking pretty good right now.

While somewhat unpredictable in her decisions, in general, most right that off to youth rather than insolence. She’s a hired axe, but she won’t work for anyone who’s too evil. Or too stupid. Or both.

When not fighting, Zalumna enjoys sleeping, eating and observing the strange cultures her travels take her to.

Her gods are many, but the ones who favor fighting and chaos are honored most often.


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