== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ==
Shadow, level 1
Eladrin, Rogue
Build: Brawny Rogue
Rogue Tactics: Brutal Scoundrel

Str 16, Con 10, Dex 18, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 13.

Str 16, Con 10, Dex 16, Int 9, Wis 10, Cha 13.

AC: 16 Fort: 13 Reflex: 16 Will: 12
HP: 22 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 5

Insight +5, Stealth +9, Thievery +9, Bluff +6, Acrobatics +9, Streetwise +6, Athletics +8

Arcana +2, Diplomacy +1, Dungeoneering, Endurance +2, Heal, History +2, Intimidate +1, Nature, Perception, Religion

Level 1: Longsword Finesse

Rogue at-will 1: Deft Strike
Rogue at-will 1: Riposte Strike
Rogue encounter 1: Torturous Strike
Rogue daily 1: Precise Incision

Longsword, Hand Crossbow, Leather Armor, Adventurer’s Kit, Pouch, Belt (empty) (2), Crossbow Bolts (40)
== Created Using Wizards of the Coast D&DI Character Builder ==



Shadow is Eladrin but was not raised with his people, born in the feywild in a grand city to a royal blood line but that life would be short lived. On his first birthday the city was attacked and sacked by savage invaders that killed his entire house. The boy escaped narrowly with the help of his nurse maid. A Eladrin woman named Ajanie, who snatched the child up and slipped stealthily from the city and to the natural world where they made their way from settlement to settlement.

For two years the pair traveled, Ajanie never used the child’s real name for fear of being hunted by the Invaders that killed the rest of the royal family. Instead she referred to him as her sweet prince. She gave to the child all the love and affection she could given the difficult circumstances they found themselves in.

Then en route to Dominium City the travelers were ambushed by bandits. The nurse maid that had cared for him and rescued him in the fall of the fey city was killed. It was in fact the blade of Kouros a thief of the guild called the Blackbirds of Terminus that delivered the death blow to Ajanie. The child was alone with no ties to his heritage and no real memory of his family or origins not even his own name.

Was it kindness or cruelty that spared the Childs life that day? Maybe a little of both, the cutthroat leader a man named Jackdaw “the Dodger” Damokleos took the child as a slave that day. A house boy would be a good trinket to have he thought and when he gets a little older he could fetch a good sum on the slave market.

During the next 7 years Shadow was convinced that his name was boy, it was boy fetch this, boy get that and boy why is my table a mess. The life of a slave in the house of “The Dodger” is hard and unforgiving. There where many a harsh beatings and a constant barrage of curses and humiliation. But this was no normal child, he was after all Eladrin.

The Dodger took notice of the boys lightning quick reflexes (in his line of work it was a key to success). The day came when the master came home in an extremely agitated mood. The boy knew to steer clear of the Dodger this night or there surely would be welts and bruises, but as a house servant this was impossible.

As he served him his wine during dinner the boy spilled a single drop on to the table. The Dodger’s face turned a shade of red the color of an apple. He shook with anger making the veins in his neck look like twigs from a tree that twitched in a violent wind. “Boy” he shouted “your carelessness will cost you” and in one violent move he flung his chair and the boy to the far wall. Both fell in a thud to the floor. The chair splintered and the boy was dazed. The master drew a small club from his belt, his intentions where clear and his face bore a murderous grin. The boy, coming to his senses looking up, knew that at best when the master’s blow hit it meant a broken bone and quite possibly a death blow. Without thought the boy tried to step out of the path of the club but a strange thing happened at that moment, the boy stepped into the fey and was able to move to the other side of the room.

The club came down onto the wreckage of the chair sending splinters into the air. Astonishment was now on the face of the Dodger as he spun around to find the boy standing behind him at the far wall.

The boy was begging for mercy but this was unnecessary for the Masters demeanor had changed. Gone was the rage and look of murder. In its place was the look of a man that had found a great treasure and who’s fortune had changed forever.

Oh how the fates have smiled on me the master thought, with this boys talents I will be the richest cut purse in all of Dominium city and may finally take my place as guildmaster of the Blackbirds.

And so the Dodger started the training of the boy from slave to cut purse. Soon he was called by a new name gone was the demeaning moniker of boy, he was now called Shadow a nick name that truly described his ability to slip undetected from place to place.

This change of fortune was welcome but in no way was it the easy life people speak of. No Shadow was still the property of The Dodger and though he no longer was a house boy receiving beatings from the master of the house and any other servant lager than him, he still took his share of lumps.

During his lessons taught by the Dodger or his laky Kouros if Shadow did not execute his lesson perfectly it would mean a punch to the face or even a lashing, depending on how sadistic the instructor felt that day. Fortunately Shadow was nimble and quite dexterous so the training came easily to him. His reflexes became so fast that he could side step and duck the blows his instructors tried to deliver.

Initially the boy was used as the set up man. As a child he could play rambunctiously in the street and run into the mark, bumping him while the snatch man grabbed the purse and made off without the mark being the wiser. If the mark noticed with in a step or two that his purse had gone missing he would suspect the child and a search of the child would reveal nothing. This was a good game and the Dodger worked it often. Time eventually eliminated this ploy Shadow was growing and could no longer play the part of a child.

The Dodger never let shadow forget that he was still a slave and often told him the only way he would leave the House of Damokleos was in a casket. The reminders were of course unnecessary. Jackdaw Damokleos branded every one of his slaves with the letter “D” at the back of the neck so they would never forget who owned them.

At 15 years old Shadow was no longer a boy but still not a man. The Dodger would use him for errands frequently.

In the course of pilfering, there are items that come along that are harder to unload than others. Magic items fall into this category regularly, so the Blackbirds have an agreement with a mage by the name of Daylain.

Daylain owns a shop in Terminus, Archos district called “Wonders of the Fey”.
Shadow was asked to take a pendant that had some magical properties to Daylain to liquidate. He was also instructed to not be seen by any one. “This must be some item, that this much caution was being used just to fence it” thought Shadow. The thought of being out on the street by himself was intoxicating for Shadow; he cherished these types of errands.

Stealthily and gracefully Shadow made his way down the streets of Archos. He was moving surprisingly quickly for one trying not to be seen and creeping from dark place to dark place.
As the tail that the Dodger had hired to track Shadow was soon to realize, he lost Shadow at the second alleyway.

The Dodger was never one to trust anyone, even his closest comrades. He thought to himself, “what would I do in that situation?” the answer was always the same: “I’d steal the loot and make off with all I could and kill any bugger that got in me way”. The Dodger spent a great deal of money just tracking his errand boys.

Shadow made it to the Wonders of the Fey from the Dodgers home in about the same amount of time it would have taken your average person to walk at a normal pace. Most of the hacks that worked for the Dodger would have taken three times as long.

The Wonders of the Fey was a small shop full of books and dusty tomes, there was a display case with a wide variety of items in it and behind the case sat an Eladrin man. At the man’s side was a dark staff made of ebony or some other dark wood. At the top of the staff it looked as if the wood of the staff had grown around an obsidian egg.

The man behind the counter looked up at Shadow and said, “Can I help you?”

Shadow replied” I was sent here by the Dodger to liquidate an item.”

Daylain looked Shadow over very carefully and asked “you work for the Dodger?”

“Well, in a way, yes, I work for the Dodger” was Shadows reply

Daylain’s gaze narrowed, “you either work for him or you don’t”

Shadow stammered and said “I am the rightful property of the Dodger.”

At this Daylain took on a very ominous look and appeared to be ready to explode. Shadow prepared to jump out of the way of any blow that might be coming his way. He thought “that staff looks deadly.”

Daylain noticed Shadows posture and calmed himself. “My anger is not for you, my boy, but that bastard Jackdaw Damokleos. How dare he enslave an Eladrin.”

This outburst by Daylain took Shadow by surprise. Not that someone was angry at the Dodger (no… that happens all the time) it was the fact that someone was showing him compassion.

Shadow, puzzled “Eladrin?”

“That is the Race you are descended from young man” said, a shocked Daylain amazed at the lack of knowledge this boy possessed. “Where are you from? And how did you become a slave of that halfwit the Dodger?”

Shadow told Daylain his story as he remembered it and described Ajanie as his mother, how they lived on the road traveling and how she died at the hands of Kouros.

Daylain listened carefully to all the details of Shadow’s tale and shook his head in disgust at its conclusion. Then Daylain reminded Shadow that he was here on business.

Oh yea the item. He pulled the locket from his pocket it glittered in the light of the shop. Daylain grabbed the locket and examined it, then said “this won’t take long”. He disappeared into the back of the shop and reappeared a few moments later with a small pouch of dust. At least that’s what it looked like. “Here take this back to the Dodger he will know what to do with it.” Daylain said. “Oh and here this book is for you to read Shadow I do expect it back when you are finished.”

Shadow asked what the book was about.

Daylain smiled and said “the Eladrin Race”.

This started a friendship that was deep and very meaningful for Shadow. Over the years Daylain became a mentor to Shadow teaching him about Eladrin philosophy and literature. He taught him how to meditate and how to use a long sword like a quick blade.


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