The Dwarf King


Keeper of the Forge
Divikar (the Dwarf King) is lord of Soulscale Forge, the gold dwarves’ new homeland beneath the mountains. He’d love to reclaim the city Tumunzahar (Hollowbold) under Keskellä Seinää (the Middle Wall) lost to war against the dark elves and the creatures of the deeps. But now that the Great Gold Wyrm may be faltering, the dwarves find themselves manning the walls that shield the Archipelago from the chaos of the Abyss.

“Through me is the way to the city of woe.
Through me is the way to sorrow eternal.
Through me is the way to the lost below.
Justice moved my architect supernal.”
— Dante Alighieri, Inferno

Usual Location
The Middle Kingdoms > Voltai

Common Knowledge
The Dwarf King is the master of treasures, pressing a claim on all marvels pulled from the earth. His halls are filled with legendary marvels. His people stand by their totem, Sálmælikvarða (the Great Gold Wyrm), ready to fight the legions of the Abyss that the dragon holds at bay.

Adventurers & the Icon
The Dwarf King has the means and the cause to hire mercenaries to represent his interests or retrieve items that the dwarves lay claim to, whether on the surface world or deep underground.

Sálmælikvarða [Soulscale] (the Great Gold Wyrm) is the patron of the gold dwarves. Each in their own way, Logitönn, Nóttvæng, and Yllviðrislá [Flamescale, Nightscale, and Stormscale] (the Three) grant their respective dwarven forges the favor of their wisdom and power in return for the faith of the dwarves and their kobold minions.

When the Elf Queen and Diabolist’s minions get out of hand, they are the worst sort of enemy. The Dwarf King has offered a king’s ransom for the head of Knieža Kazimieras (Prince of Shadows).

Like many races, the exact origins of the dwarves are lost in myth and legend. While elven scholars maintain that dwarves were created by their gods to serve the elves, most dwarves believe that their ancestors came from the heart of the world itself, given life by Moradin and being made by the All-Father’s hammer in the Soulforge to help Sálmælikvarða [Soulscale] (the Great Gold Wyrm) oppose the Abyssal chaos. These legends hold that the dwarves fought their way to the surface world, overcoming the dangers they faced below through strength of arms and skill, only to be enslaved by the elves.

The first known dwarven settlements in the Faewild originated from underneath the mountains that formed the borders between the elven houses of Angathil, Netheril and Aerenal. The dwarves migrated in all directions from there, spreading across the northern islands of the Archipelago. Those who turned westward to what would eventually become the territory of Voltai settled in what is now Soulscale Forge. The first great kingdom of the dwarves was Tumunzahar (Hollowbold) under Keskellä Seinää (the Middle Wall).

When the free dwarves of Tumunzahar rebelled against the Netheril, the dark elves drove them deep into the caverns and, with the help of their fell allies, they sacked the city, ending the ancient kingdom. The refugees of the battle fled west, and incited the dwarves there to rebel against Angathil.

All knowledge of Tumunzahar was lost to the surface world. The hapless dwarves who survived in the ruins were in time captured and enslaved by the forces of chaos, becoming the separate but related races known as the duergar and galeb duhr. Over the ages the twisting power of chaos and the infusion of Abyssal blood would cause the galeb duhr to grow more and more distant from their kin, until they could no longer be properly called dwarves.

Over the centuries dwarves have entered into a long decline and the ancient kingdoms that once stood, beyond the Forges of Voltai, are now fallen. The dwarves have seen the north overrun and conquered by the elves, orcs, and finally, the Dominium. In spite of this, the dwarves remain a proud and hardy people, unshaken by the pitfalls that have befallen them, and bolstered by their patron dragons and kobold minions.

The True Danger
If the Dwarf King falters, can the Great Gold Wyrm be far behind?


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