Bedros Bedros (deceased)

Bouncer-Bartender at Coppers Float


Bedros (stone) is a goliath who is 7 feet tall. His skin is gray, mottled with black map-like patches that he believes hint at some aspect his fate. His skin is speckled with lithoderms, coin-sized growths of bone that appear like pebbles studding his arms, shoulders, torso, and head. A bony ridge juts over his gleaming blue eyes. He is bald.


One of the Blackbirds of Terminus (thieves’ guild). Once a Bouncer-Bartender at Coppers Float. Bedros was driven by a fierce love of competition. Anything that could be conceived as a challenge invites goliaths to keep score, so Bedros had a running challenge with Grint Venitari over consecutive unmissed shifts at the tavern.

Bedros Bedros (deceased)

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