In Tolaria

Session 55: The Witchqueen's Designs


Samdhya says she summoned the party and marked them with the phoenix for the purpose of stopping the real threat to the Archipelago: Erek Hus. With the Voltaic Key recharged by the three tears of Sel√Ľne, she hopes to send her champions back one more time to another pivotal moment in the scheme of Erek Hus.

But, in order to ensure her own power, she must acquire the knowledge held by Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Llwyncelyn (Yggwyn), an Aereni sorceress, known as the Mother of Witches. Yggwyn is, in that distant time, in the company of the former Archmage Barrin, the wizard Nicolo Nero, and Graz’zt, a demon prince. They are working on a project known as the Bloodline Project. Luring Graz’zt away will ensure that Yggwyn can devote her attentions to Samdhya and the Netheril sorceress Csenge.

What better lure than a rival demon? Nodens commands the aberrations and undead besieging Tolar. The former lieutenant of Graz’zt once betrayed his master, earning his eternal enmity. If the party can convince Graz’zt to return with them, they make break the siege and grant Samdhya the knowledge of Yggwyn. What Samdhya plans to do with that knowledge she has not revealed …

The clever Wisp pilfers the Voltaic Key from the Witchqueen just as the party are sent on their mission. Do they now hold the key to their own destiny, or a curse destined to haunt them?



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