In Tolaria

Session 44: Leap of Faith

Stealthily approaching an encampment of the besieging force in the ruined quarter of Tolar, the party comes across a man, apparently abandoned in the swirling snow by the enemy. The man appears to be a priest of Erathis — he wears brown robes embroidered with interlocked circles (in groups of nine) and a white tabard with a torc of silver and gold set with amethysts on the gear teeth of the cog of Erathis — who has been grievously injured in the recent past. His wounds are healed, but his garments are tattered. He speaks of miracles which have befallen him on a mountain, somewhere beyond …

Just beyond the encampment the party sees a dragon which is being fed some kind of ammunition which is fueling its barrage of the walled and warded portion of the city. The feeders are strange, aberrant beings such as those they party has encountered beneath the Fane of Iolar, and in the chasm. They appear to be magically igniting the ammunition with electrical energy before feeding it to the dragon. A strange, sphere-like statue or automaton stands motionless on the edge of the chasm, near the dragon.

Led by Väinämöinen, the party finds a concealed location within range of the dragon, and prepares an ambush. Väinämöinen creeps in amidst the enemy with one of the “batteries” that Wisp has pilfered. He hurls it at the automaton to no affect. He then seizes an ignited battery from one of the aberrant soldiers, and hurls that at the automaton as well. The thing sparks briefly to life, but freezes again.

Gunga Din, Bob the Bold, and Zalumna charge in amongst the scattering soldiers and begin to slay them. The dragon bathes them all in a cloud of stinging frost and then leaps from its pedestal into the fray. Bob intimidates the creature with a defiant shout, his sword and shield glowing with the radiance of the moon, Selûne’s holy light. Meanwhile, Väinämöinen has clambered up on the automaton hoping to disable it, or to activate it against the dragon. He ties a rope to the thing.

Zalumna and Bob drive the dragon back to the edge of the chasm and, as it struggles to fly clear of the fray, Väinämöinen leaps upon its back. He struggles to tie the rope to the dragon as well as it rises up into the swirling snow of the night, quickly vanishing from sight of the party. Seeing that his attempt to lasso the dragon has failed, Väinämöinen leaps clear, hanging on to the rope, and plummets into the chasm …



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