Session 38: In Dominium City

Session 38: Delivering the Goods

After handing off the phylactery to Alekto Kerameikos, the party heads for the river to meet the dragonborn raiders they’ve employed to escape the city. Their break in at the Locuters’ Palace has caused a fair amount of commotion. House Eleftherio has mobilized Protectorate soldiers, and squads of Legion soldiers are patrolling the area around the Bastion, alert to the activities of the Protectorate. House Ellinikos and the Dominex, in response to the break in, have put them on alert.

A confrontation with the Protectorate seems likely. And not something Cyrus would seek to avoid, given that the Protectorate and the Erathians have imprisoned the local clergy and followers of the Raven Queen.



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