In Dominium City

Session 37: The Heist

Some subtle and not-so-subtle maneuvering and the phylactery is in hand! An otherworldly experience, an echo of the past, ensues:

Samdhya (the rebel Queen, conqueror of Anga), Ákos Ravasz (an Angan noted for his ferocity and stealth), Világos Darány (a lesser son of an Angan noble house), and István Varjú (emissary of House Netheril) have passed through an anomaly in the ley-line network that forms the magical foundation of the archipelago and discovered a strange mountainside beyond. There you met a Mind-Flayer (Illithid) named Archelaus, who has promised to reveal to her a ritual to acquire the power necessary to expel the invaders from the Dominium and seal the anomalies they have created in the ley-line network.

Samdhya found that the ritual bound her soul to the phylactery … having learned of the cost, she was able to divert a portion of her awareness into a certain mountain shaman’s son named “Randoon”.



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