In Dominium City

Session 30: Bohtha's Lair

Descending into the cellars and sewers beneath the Dive Inn via a secret passage, the party pursues the fleeing Shades of Typhon. They also hope to find Sackwidth Morehouse and Leynir the Dragonborn. Below, they find a central distribution point for Bohtha’s drug trade. Sannish & devilweed abound. Randoon sets some crates alight, hoping to draw out Bohtha and the Shades. A few do appear from the shadows, but there is a warren of tunnels here, and the burning drugs make it hard to concentrate. Shadow coats his arrowheads in sannish before firing them.

Cyrus chases a Shade into the tunnels, but retreats once it appears he has no intention of fighting. Slide and Cordroy help off a few Shades and Randoon creates a wall of fire to prevent another Shade from joining the fray. The party recovers a befuddled Sackwidth and a relieved Leynir from some of the shipping crates, and decides to beat a hasty retreat, saving their revenge against Mr. Bohtha for another day.

Back at the Jaundiced Jellyfish they arrange for a meeting with Lady Alekto Kerameiko at the Sands End Gasworks tavern. The visit Sgt. Nicodemus at the Firegate guard station and he explains the limits of what he is able to do, but agrees to help as he can.

Shadow meets with Daylain, Taszár, and Várda Darány. From them the party learns of the Copper Page …

The Copper Page
Gold is for the mistress, silver for the maid,
Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade.
Crowns are for the valiant, scepters for the bold,
Thrones and powers for mighty men who dare to take and hold!

There was a door to which I found no key.
There was a veil through which I could not see.

There is a kingdom of strange and wondrous powers,
Dream-hidden city, lit by other stars than ours;
Its gates are guarded in a sterile land—
Mountain and deep morass, and shifting sand;
Storm-barred are they, and may not opened be
Save by the hand that finds the secret key.

But still, with souls afire, men seek that land,
And die in deep morass and shifting sand.
To those alone its iron gates are free,
Who find, within their hearts, the secret key;
For Earth, with all the color of her day,
Is not their country—that lies far away.

The twins know that the great war between the elven houses of Anga and Netheril (and the rebellion of Samdhya, the Witch Queen) came about at the impending invasion of the Dominium as they fled Atlantis. Samdhya saw that the people of the Dominium were breaking through the ley-line network that formed the magical foundation of the archipelago.

They were doing this with the help of a being named Erek-Hus. Some of the mighty wizards of the Dominium were suspicious of Erek-Hus and so withdrew to their haven in Tolaria.

The twins know that Shadow was saved by a band of heroes, who helped the Darány flee the fall of Anga. But, they believe now that Samdhya was right, that she saw through the machinations of Erek-Hus, and sought to confront him at The Rainbow Tower (Tuar Ceatha) atop a hill called the Mountain of the Stars (Menydh na Reultan). Though she won the day, she somehow lost the confrontation (becoming the undead Witch Queen).

The Tears of Selûne have fallen on the Middle Kingdoms of the north, where the elves once ruled. A portent of something the twins don’t understand. But, they believe (and Daylain Bálványos confirms, believing it as well) that only Shadow, the Subtle Knife, can open the way back to that fateful day at the Tuar Ceatha, and help Samdhya win the day against Erek-Hus (perhaps with the aid of the heroes who mysteriously arrived there, and spirited the Darány away.)

The twins urge the party to take ship with a trusted captain, and sail for the Middle Kingdoms and find the way to Anga (as, they believe, the Copper Page suggests.)

Cyrus visits Mother Calana at the Mortuary Shrine of the Raven Queen to learn more about Erek-Hus and learns that it is likely that he and Orcus, the Prince of the Undead, are one and the same. There is some connection between the strange mountain beyond the gate beneath the Shrine of Ioun, Erek-Hus, and the power struggle in Dominium City, but the party has not determined yet what it may be.

The meeting with Lady Alekto confirms some more of their suspicions. Kerameikos will do what they can to support the party in repayment for their efforts at eradicating the Shades of Typhon, and thus weakening House Monastiraki. She encourages the party to continue their fight against the Shades, and will investigate further the motives that might be leading the Eleftherions to the crypts beneath the Shrine of Ioun.

Prophecy, politics, and portents abound. Many choices confront the members of the party. Who knows where their adventures may lead?



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