In Falias

Session 15: Under Liafáil

The party has inadvertently involved the Raven Queen and Pelor in a direct conflict of interests by raising Cyrus. The Raven Queen deigns to allow Pelor’s cleric to use his power, but binds the party to the Shadowfell for a time, in her service.

  • Weshi Seirbu fled from the confrontation between the Ebony Guard and the Ascendants under Sreng’s Gate, and left the Black Geode heading for Liafáil. The party pursues him.
  • Tikkin is grateful that his daughter is safe, but vows revenge against the Ascendants of the Protectorate.
  • Beneath Liafáil the party fights three Ascendant soldiers, slaying their leader and capturing Cicero and Jovian.

Nascha (afflicted by apathy, due to extended exposure to the Shadowfell)
Tikkin (afflicted by dread, due to extended exposure to the Shadowfell)



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