In Falias

Session 11: Beyond the Gate

A bewildering variety of factions battles beneath Sreng’s Gate to secure the secrets therein. Orsolya and her duergar minions, Ascendants (the elite agents of the Protectorate), and the Ebony Guard of the Raven Queen, in addition to the party, are all striving here.

In the depths they find the Well — an ornate frame of stone and metal worked in an ourobouros form with a Phoenix (elves), a dragon (dragonborn), and a demon (tieflings). It is about 8’ in diameter, sits upright on edge, and appears to be full of quicksilver. The surface of this liquid may only be pierced by a blooded blade.

Beyond the gate, they find Yllviðrislá, the Silver dragon is a sorceress, perhaps even the original mother of all sorcery. She is guarding Tikkin’s missing daughter, having rescued her from the Ascendants.

  • Cyrus falls, and though Guntar calls upon his most potent miracle of Pelor, the Raven Queen retains her own: The paladin exists here in the Shadowfell, but beyond there he will be only a specter …
  • Yllviðrislá warns Ophandre about the Subtle Knife.
  • The party learns that Weshi Seirbu, a Tiefling dealer and collector of arcane goods from Dominium City, is lurking nearby and may be close to finding the fabled Shroud of Lialdra.




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