In Falias

Session 18: Shadows in Halftree

Back in Halftree the party again crosses paths with Miklós Baranyai, Temesvár Bálint, and Ilonja Darány, the Eladrin adventurers.

The remaining residents of Halftree have tried to destroy the lingering undead, but they’ve struggled with a few tenacious individuals. The leaders of the village: Orestes the trader, the halflings Turios and his wife Thabitah, and Khalkeus the smith, ask for the party’s help to purge the remaining undead.

The Fairlady, the ship used by the Order of St. Tristan — the “Ascendants — is still tied up at the dock, but it has been occupied. The Eladrin have hired some of Tialina Max’s crew from the Venturess to take over the Fairlady, and make it ready for departure.

  • The bard Talion Blackwind listens eagerly to the party’s tales, and agrees to join them in their adventures.
  • The party sets about hunting down the last of the undead haunting Halftree.




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